Players Convicted Of Cheating At The Enghien Casino

The casino of Enghien-les-Bains

At least ten people were fined and sentenced to 3 to 6 months in prison after a case of cheating and fraud in the casino of Enghien-les-Bains in Val-d’Oise. The latter discovered a loophole that could save them a lot of money.

Several casinos affected

The facts unfolded last year shedding light on the actions of unscrupulous players. The main concerned had found a trick to earn even more money at the casino. Indeed, they took advantage of a loophole in the electronic English roulette system. Recently, their judgment was held at the Pontoise Criminal Court for organized gang fraud. The judge announced imprisonments ranging from 3 to 6 months as well as a fine of 7,000 euros. Some defendants were sentenced to suspended prison sentences of up to 1 year and three individuals were released. In addition, several means of transport were seized including a scooter, a 4 × 4 and a luxury BMW. In view of the damage suffered, the casino was compensated in the amount of € 150,116. It must be said that the amount has fallen since the investigation by the central management of the PJ estimated it at € 783,000. Due to a lack of reliable information, the defense won its case during the hearing on May 30.

Cheating does not escape other casinos as the trick was exchanged between insiders. Each was compensated according to the damage whether material, moral or in terms of image. In Morbihan, the Carnac establishment will have to receive compensation of € 7,634 in total, € 18,247 for Quiberon and € 11,643 for the Vittel casino in the Vosges. As for the origin of the cheating, it was detected by surveillance cameras. The technique of cheaters was simple, it was enough to operate a lever installed under a small hatch. This is mainly used for maintenance of the machine and once the system encounters a bug, the casino is obliged to refund the stakes. As the sessions progressed, the casino noticed that its revenues decreased considerably in April 2017. This gave rise to meticulous control from the personnel concerning the mode of operation of the equipment. In the end, the scam was discovered as well as the technique used by the defendants. One of the main instigators was addicted to the game and would have collected with his accomplices a sum of € 80,000.

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